Fluffy flour tortilla, grilled up toasty & oozing with cheese. Served with Mexican Rice   $14

Southwest  A Staff Favorite! Shredded Chicken or Pork, sweet corn, red peppers,
black beans & chipotle mayo

La Costeña  Garlic/Lime sautéed Shrimp with fresh cilantro & green onion

La Norteña  Made-in-house Spicy Mexican Sausage simply surrounded with melted cheese

 La Hawaiiana  Our flavorful Pork al Pastor,  juicy pineapple & sautéed onion

Sin Carne  Black beans, corn, bell pepper, tomato, green onion & jalapeño


A Warm Flour Tortilla with delicious fillings all wrapped inside         $13.25

La Doña  A generous portion of our Made-in-House Spicy Chorizo, rice, avocado,
queso fresco & salsa verde

 Santa Fe  Grilled chicken breast, rice, avocado, lettuce, green onion & our chipotle mayo

Del Mar  Garlic sautéed Shrimp, rice, guacamole, lettuce, green onion & our chipotle mayo

 Del Campo  Our flavorful marinated pastor with rice, grilled onions, pico & sour cream

Del Jardin  Rice, black beans, lettuce, guacamole, pico, sour cream & cheese

 Holey Mole!  Shredded Chicken in smoky Mole sauce, rice & refried beans

Con Todo  Grilled steak, rice, beans, lettuce, pico, guacamole, sour cream & shredded cheese $14.75


Made from scratch! Savory filling in corn dough, steamed until tender in a
corn husk wrapper.  Topped with Sour Cream         $5½/ea

Choice of;    Pollo Verde or Guajillo Pork
And for our Vegy lovers - Southwest Blend with Serrano Peppers

Eggs Mexican Style

HUEVOS RANCHEROS - Benedict has nothin on us!         $9
Two Eggs smothered with Red Ranchera Salsa, & garnished with queso fresco, diced onion & cilantro. Served with Black or Refried Beans, Mexican Rice & your choice of corn or flour tortillas

HUEVOS DIVORCIADOS - Splitsville!         $9

Two Eggs, one with Red Ranchera Salsa & one with Salsa Verde, separated with cool sour cream & garnished with queso fresco. Served with Black or Refried Beans, Mexican Rice & your choice of corn or flour tortillas

CHILAQUILES          $9
A traditional Mexican breakfast dish made with quartered corn tortilla chips sautéed lightly in salsa and served with a fried egg, diced onion, cilantro, sour cream and Queso Fresco (Extra egg +$1.39)

Three scrambled eggs, our made-in-house Spicy Chorizo & Verde Salsa wrapped in a warm flour tortilla

Three scrambled eggs, Ranchera Salsa & diced tomatoes wrapped in a warm flour tortilla


Skip the tortilla and make any one of our Burritos into a Bowl

Our Menu

Open 7 Days a Week!   11a.m. - 9p.m

Hours vary slightly from Summer to Winter


Shrimp or Snapper  $12
Fresh & tasty!  Mouth-watering combination of diced tomatoes, onions & cilantro with fresh squeezed lime juice & your choice of

poached fish or shrimp garnished with Avocado slices.  Served with warm tortilla chips

Queso Fundido
Baked Cheese dip with, or without, jalapeños. Served with chips or warm flour tortillas
Add Mexican Chorizo or Sautéed Garlic Shrimp  $5

 Stuffed Jalapeños
Runner up for Best Appy – Bite of Nanaimo
Full Order $10           Half Order $6
Halved jalapeños filled with a savory cheese, topped with panko bread crumbs & baked to a golden brown.  Served with our
 lime-cilantro sour cream 

Caesar Salad
$6 S            $9 L
We hand-cut Romaine hearts, add our house made Caesar dressing & garnish with grated  Mexican Parmesan Cheese & crispy croutons
Add 4oz Grilled Chicken breast or 4 Garlic Sautéed Shrimp to House or Caesar Salad   $5

Baby Salsa House Salad
Served in a crispy tortilla bowl! Artisan lettuce, green onion, shredded cheese and our Southwest style black beans, corn & red bell pepper blend.  Topped with fresh diced tomatoes & dollops of guacamole & sour cream

Margarita Shrimp Salad
Colorful Artisan lettuce, avocado, tomato, green onion and gluten-free Crispy fried Shrimp drizzled with our Tequila-Lime dressing.
 Topped with crunchy tortilla strips.     Extra Shrimp $1½ ea

Deconstructed Oyster Tacos
A Baby Salsa Original!
Full Order(4) $20        Half Order(2) $12

Lightly battered Fanny Bay oysters, garnished with Pico de Gallo & crispy fried tortilla strips. 
Our lime-cilantro sour cream on the side.  Seasonal item

Tortilla Soup
So good some of our Customers won’t try anything else!
$7½ S     $12 L
Authentic tomato based soup with rustic Ancho Chile flavor.  Crispy fried corn tortilla strips
& shredded chicken make this an instant favorite.  Garnished with Sour Cream & Queso Fresco

Baby Salsa Mexican



We offer many Gluten Free and Vegetarian options


Flautas    $13½   
Shredded Pork or Chicken 
Crispy corn tortilla rolls garnished with Sour Cream & Queso Fresco. Served with rice, beans & Regular or Spicy Guacamole

 Pollo Asado*   $12.75
A delicious, flame grilled ¼ chicken, with rice, refried beans, pico de gallo & tortillas

 Pollo con Mole*   $15.75
Grilled ¼ chicken smothered with our Smoky Mole sauce.  Rice, beans & tortillas

*The grilled chicken is made to order so please allow a minimum of 30 minutes to prepare – Thank you!

   Chile Relleno    $16½
 The Real Deal!   Poblano pepper stuffed with cheese, fried in a light batter & covered in Ranchera Salsa.

Served with rice, refried beans & tortillas

Diablo Shrimp Plate    $16½
Crispy Shrimp in a Devilicious Sauce served with Mexican rice & Artisan Salad.  Gluten-free!

Carne Asada    $29½
Grilled 10oz Skirt Steak served with Rice, Charro Beans, Caesar Salad, Chile Torreado (whole seared jalapeño)

& flour or corn tortillas.
Sterling Beef Raised with No Hormones & No Antibiotics
Top your steak with chipotle sauce & cheese $5

Enchiladas Our Top Seller!    $16
Chicken, Pork or Cheese rolled in soft corn tortillas & smothered in Salsa Verde, Ranchera Red or Smoky Mole.
Topped with Sour Cream & Queso Fresco and served with Mexican Rice & Refried Beans.
 Mix & match Salsas – Add $1

Sizzling Fajita Skillets
Grilled Skirt Steak or Garlic Shrimp $28½   Grilled Chicken $23½   Vegy $18½
Your choice of meat with savory sautéed bell peppers and onions, served on a sizzling hot skillet,
with a side plate of rice, refried beans, guacamole, sour cream & endless flour tortillas to build your own delicious fajita style tacos.

 Top with Yummy Melted Cheese $3

All of the beef we serve is raised with no added hormones or antibiotics

We make all of our Desserts from scratch!
 Churros A simple dough, deep-fried to a golden brown then dusted with cinnamon sugar. Chocolate or Caramel dipping sauce

4 per full order or $2/each

Sopapillas Crispy fried flour tortilla wedges dusted in cinnamon sugar,  crowning a bowl of vanilla ice cream

drizzled with organic Agave syrup

Cream Cheese Flan Delicious cream cheese custard with caramelized sugar topping

Rice Pudding Creamy traditional rice pudding with plump raisins.Served warm or chilled

Dessert Sampler  Choose 3 Desserts above    $9

Kid’s Menu
Includes a small fountain drink or juice box

Mini Burrito    $6.50
Chicken, Cheese, Rice, Lettuce, Tomato & Sour cream wrapped in a flour tortilla

Mini Quesadilla   $5
Flour tortilla with melted cheese served with rice & sour cream on the side
Add chicken for $1.50

Cheese Nachos    $5
Crispy corn tortilla & melted cheese with sour cream on the side.  Add tomato, green onion or bell pepper at no charge.
Add chicken for $1.50

 Chips & Salsa to Go

Personal                 To Share               Family Size
$2                        $3.75                       $7


 Coca Cola in a 355ml glass bottle    $2.75
Fountain Coca Cola products  Soda/Iced Tea  $2.75  Juices $3.50
Old Fashioned Coke Float   $5.00
Horchata, Fresh Limeade, Hibiscus Iced Tea   $4.50
Jarritos Mexican Sodas in varios flavors  $3


STREET TACOS - The Heart & Soul of Authentic Mexican Cuisine
Baby SALSA  Signature Tacos -  We use IXIM Brand tortillas locally made on Gabriola Island

 Diablo  $4.75 ea
Crispy Shrimp tossed in our Spicy Diablo Sauce on a corn tortilla with lettuce, onion & cilantro

Vampiro  $5 ea
From the streets of Mazatlan!
Steak, Cheese & Pork Crisps on a chargrilled corn tostada topped with Ranchera Salsa

 Vego  $3.75 ea
Soft corn tortilla with refried beans, pico, avocado slice, sautéed onion & Salsa Verde

Paseo  $3.75 ea
Typical Mexican Street Taco, simply garnished with onion, cilantro & Salsa Verde on a corn tortilla. 

Choice of Pastor, Pollo, Chorizo or Carnitas
Carne Asada add $1

Gringo  $5 ea
Tex Mex Style Taco with Grilled Chicken Breast on a flour tortilla with cheese, lettuce, pico, Ranchera Salsa & sour cream
Carne Asada  add $1

Bandito  $4.75 ea
Our Made-in-House Spicy Chorizo on a corn tortilla with avocado slices, queso fresco & Salsa Verde
Substitute Pastor for a milder Bandito

Add Guacamole or Shredded Cheese $.50/taco                                     Add a side of Rice & Beans  $4½

Ask your server for milder/spicier salsa options to suit your personal taste

 Snapper Taco Plate
Hand-battered Snapper on soft corn tortillas with cabbage, pico
& chipotle mayo
  2 Tacos with Rice & Beans
Extra Snapper Taco - $5.25

Halibut Taco Plate
Pan seared Halibut on warm flour tortillas, lettuce, tomato, green onion & chipotle mayo
  2 Tacos with Rice & Beans    
Extra Halibut Taco - $7.25

Garlic Shrimp Taco Plate
Served on warm flour tortillas with lettuce, tomato, green onion & chipotle mayo
  2 Tacos with Rice & Beans    
Extra Shrimp Taco - $7.25


Classic Nachos
Regular $13½       Grande $22     
Crispy tortilla chips with layers of cheese, diced tomato, green onion,
bell peppers & jalapeños, surrounding  a center of refried beans. 
Served with sour cream & salsa for dipping.
Add 4oz Chorizo or Chicken $5

Nachos Supremos
One size fits all $25   
 Nachos at their finest!

Piled high with spicy chorizo or shredded chicken, southwest vegys,
tomato & tangy jalapeños. Loaded with ½ pound of cheese!
Topped off with pico de gallo & lacedwith sour cream 

Sub 4oz Guacamole for meat for Vegy lovers